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Visit Sara's official Facebook page & Youtube channel:

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  •  All available tour information is posted on the Tour Page.  Subscribe to the email updates to be the first to know about events.  

  • Ticket information - including dates, links, times, etc. are posted on the Tour Page.  

  • Meet-and Greet are available.  We encourage you to join CampS.

  • Due to overwhelming inquiries for autographs, they are not available at this time.  Photos are available for purchase in the online Sara Simmons Store and at concerts.  Sara will autograph an item during CampS meet-and-greets.  

  • Sara is available to answer fan mail for those who join CampS

  • CampS is the Official Sara Simmons fan club.  There are other social media sites that are run by fans.   We love them for that!​


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Reason For Believing

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My Baby Makes Me Wanna Drink