For all of you who do use social media I want to take this opportunity to let you know, if your parents, grandparents, etc, don't have a social media account, they can still stay connected by watching country singer Sara Simmons Facebook Live performances by going to then click on 


There, you can enjoy hours of this great singer for free.  Sit back and enjoy the songs you grew up on, smile at the stories behind the song.  Feel free to send requests and comments as well.  Share the love Sara has country and gospel music, but most importantly, the love Sara has for our elders, our country, and tradition.  


Again, these are free videos, share them with friends and family, they are available to all.  We would like to extend our thanks in advance for all of you who know the heart of a musician. 


During this time, we've lost several months of income, and the next several months of tour dates have been postposed.  If you can help out, please donate here.




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