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A Modern Miracle

I have compassion on the multitude, because they...have nothing to eat. Mark 8:2

Though the weather was still Wintry, the tourists had already made the first appearance in Greece, no doubt influenced by colorful advertising and they supposedly never-ending summer.

We have been notified that 150 youth from the countries of former Yugoslavia were here in Greece, and that they would divide into three smaller groups to attend church when weekend in three different cities-Thessaloniki, Berea, and Katerina-as no church was large enough to seat them all. The four families that comprised the little church in Berea decided unanimously to offer their 50 visitors a potluck meal after the morning service, and preparations were duly made. However, things didn’t work out exactly as planned.

A phone call informed us that the group would not be arriving before 3 PM, so after the morning service we all gather dinner home to await our guest. Eventually they arrived, 10… 20… 50… 100… 150! The whole group streamed through the gate and into the house!

“Lord,” I cried, “we’re really going to need a miracle if all these people are to be fed.”

Someone asked a blessing on the food. The groups leader asked that the 50th you had had nothing to eat since the previous day eat first, after which if there is anything left, the remaining 100 could have something to eat too. The meal began, and soon everyone was eating hungrily. One hour later they had all had enough, and there was still food for at least 20 more people.

And that’s how we were the privilege of witnessing a 20th-century version of one of Christ miracles. I know Hillside in Galilee Christ for a group of 5000 men, plus women and children. He used a small boys lunch, freely given, and his blessing on the five Barlow’s and two small fish is multiplied his humble meal until all were filled, and there was much food left over.

God has not changed. Christ is the same yesterday today and forever Hebrews 13:8, as long as there are urgent human needs to be met, our loving God is still ready to use even small gifts, willingly offered, to bless his earthly children.

Revel Papaioannou 2000 (from my Grandmas devotion)

Lord, help me to not become so busy today that I lose myself and the purpose for which I was created. Help me to take time to feel your gentle love. Remove me of the cares of this world, rest my weary soul and restore me. Thank You for your love and care in watching over my family, friends and me. Bless us all Lord, and keep us safe until you return.

Any spelling errors are my gift to you ;-)


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