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Welcome to my corner of the internet! As a leader, dreamer, and creator, I believe that we are all born with a spark of divinity within us, and it's up to us to use that spark to make the world a better place. Join me on this journey of discovery where together we can create something truly amazing and find inspiration in every turn.

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My Persistent Painful Problem...

Have you ever had someone tell you “No”, “You can’t do that” or “That can’t be done?” Doesn’t that just tick you off and get under your skin? In a nutshell, that’s my story. I moved to Nashville to live out my dream only to meet soul suckers who told me no. After years, too many years I might add, of putting up with their frump I said that’s it, I’ve had it. It wasn't one day I just woke up with that frame of mind and decided to do something about it, I’d been miserably struggling with this persistent painful problem for years trying to figure out how to feel listened to, respected, have a voice, share my feelings and my opinion's in a male dominated industry. The more I got told no, the more motivated I became and thus I began working on Camp-her Inner Circle to help other dreamers and doers not have to go through the wasted time, the hurt, the deep valleys that seemed so hard; sometimes nearly impossible to climb out of. Inside Camp-her Inner Circle I’ll share with you my play book, how to bypass the doubters and come out with confidence on the other side.


I’m sharing this with you so you don’t have to go through the very deep, deep piles of poo I did.

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I told to my musician boyfriend I was so frustrated with music; the whole thing, bars, venues, people, musicians, you name it, as I was struggling to fight off the ugly cry. This felt so ridiculous. There I was standing in the kitchen with my coat on, gear bag in hand because I had just come home from another wasted gig. Just to be clear, I was not wasted, I was angry I couldn’t get them to pay attention. The audience, musicians and the bar; none of them were meeting my standards. I felt like I was failing me. I began pouring my time into mentors, books, you name it because I knew I could not continue with their mindset of "we do it this way because I said so." (I hope you rolled your eyes at that just like I did)

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