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Encouragement For Your Soul

  • Daughter be of good cheer, the burden of disparity rolls from the sick man’s soul; the peace of forgiveness rests upon his spirit and shines out upon the countenance.🥰©️ss

  • Who can doubt the message of salvation? Who can slight the mercies of a compassionate redeemer?💃©️ss

  • When I write songs, sing and share them with the world it is always my goal to restore hope to the hopeless and give strength to the stricken. To give people a place to forget about their troubles and rest in joy💛©️ss

  • The tears of the sorrow are only the raindrops of that proceed the sunshine☀️ ❤️ ©️ss

  • Righteousness is not a passport heaven😉©️ss

  • A good tree will produce good fruit🙏


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