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Passion Propels Perfection

Certain beliefs, theories, or reports will lead you to believe perfection is impossible and a rabbit hole of doomsdays, but I'd like to push that theory in the opposite direction. I love pushing myself and others for perfection. Ah, listen, here they come, the "Ya buts." But “Sara, we are human there is no such thing as perfect.” Sure, I’ll roll with you on that, but that thinking and mentality is limiting to excuses and justifications as to “why” you are where you are and can sometimes (not always) place your mindset in a victim, poor me mentality.

I love waking up every day being able to be a better version of me. Without having something to look forward to I would be hopeless to my soul. My personality and character is to give, champion and lead with integrity. Can I share a secret with you, in this city of dreamers, integrity and cheerleaders are hard to find! You better show up with some sort of homespun skills on how to keep yourself motivated and passionate towards your goals because this town will tear you down quicker than you can unpack and repack up your dreams.

Praise the Lord, dreamers aren't designed for the "norm." Exposing your drive to a dreamcity of naysayers is dangerous and requires extensive thoughts, plans, goals and you guessed it, the passion to propel perfection. My passion is to live the opportunity of change while paying respect to tradition. To remind and/or alert you that we are not here to live a life with a satisfied comfortable mindset, but rather to chase, capture, and believe that you are created for something bigger than what is offered on earth. That is the end goal. Passion Propels Perfection💖

Tell us in the comments below, what about your passion propels you to perfection?


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