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Thanksgiving reflections

My God lights up my darkness. Ps. 18:28.

Thanksgiving was approaching, and since no family was coming home for the holidays, my boyfriend and I decided to spend the day in the smoky Mountains. The brilland fadecided would be gone, we knew, but the call of the woods, the crunchy mispadded nature trails, and crisp mountain air beckoned us. It would be invigorating.

"The small Old World town of Gatlinburg, wedged in a valley of Tennessee's Smoky Mountains, looked drab and uninviting. Stark win-let trees covered the hills and a dull gray sky overshadowed the valley. really was gone, we thought. We spent some time following a nature trail on a mountainside high above the town. As the night shadows gathered, we drove down toward the town. Suddenly it became trans-omed into a twinkling fairyland as myriads of Christmas lights were umed on. We were jolted back in time to winter's magic kingdom, the appearance of snowflakes falling in the street, quaint lighted shops loaded with Christmas wares, narrow streets filled with busy shoppers wearing colorful coats, scarves, and earmuffs, and small children in snowsuits. The town was alive and beautiful, vibrant with anticipation.

Our lives are like that valley. We live through the seasons in tum, and when the drabness of winter comes, as it surely will, it takes a miracle a power source outside ourselves-to transform our winter experience into something beautiful again.

While singing, songwriting, and entertaining fill my soul and give me fuel, during the down days stepping away into nature is one of my favorite ways to stay connected to our creator. The busyness of my daily woes, the "Why haven't I heard back from this venue?" or worrying about T-shirt and music sales is what keeps me afloat in order to make, record and distribute new songs and music and gives music lovers across the world a glimpse into my thankful but sometimes weary heart.

Perhaps it is a heartache, a bereavement, or a sore trial that strips your life of its color and vitality. You may feel that you can never truly have life again. Humanly speaking, this may be true. We red a superhuman power source. God has promised it in Psalm 18:28 My God lightens my darkness." Reach for that power source and watch the miracle of His light glow in your soul today.

I don't write blogs very often. I'm not sure if that's a confession or statement, but I am, we are put here to give. Give, not be drained. Give, and be refueled. Give and be loved. So tell me, what do you want more of? Blogs, music, merch, tours, Live shows from our internet to yours or in person? I always enjoy hearing from you. Let me know, I'm listening.


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