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Self-Care AND Love Thy Neighbor

What's your morning routine? Well, let me step back a little and say coffee, devotions, and journaling. Moseying into my writing room, I plop respectfully into my Grandma's old recliner and pray I read, receive and write everything that I'm supposed to that will give help and perspective, not just to me, but to those I meet each day throughout my life.

1. Journaling for me is a lifesaver. I read a devotion and the Bible verse attached and begin to write. I can't lie, there are many days I wake up frustrated and angry. I am a visionary, so when I'm surrounded by the word "no"and "you can't do that" or even flipping it to say "they won't" or this is "too much effort" it absolutely crawls under my skin, mostly because these people can't see the bigger vision behind the value of work. So I allow myself one page of journaling where I vent. There are days I write really small because I have much to fuss about, but I always follow my vent page with a page full of overflowing positives. While it's easy to live frustrated, I still get the last say on how I view life, and I'm thankful for all the positive people who are apart of my life, who are uplifting and pour wisdom into me every day. Take time for yourself. You are worth it.

2. Nourishing your body and your brain. While coffee is my easy go to, I LOVE juicing. I'm pretty proactive in making sure the food I put into my body is clean. It doesn't always happen, but it is something I enjoy and look forward to as I know the rewards will be beneficial in the short and long run. So back to the coffee...if you're a coffee nut consider cutting back a cup or two, who know's you might be ok on 4 cups of coffee instead of 6 :-)

3. Talk to your hunger...most of the time we really aren't hungry, we are craving, but what? Most of the time hunger comes from being tired and not getting enough sleep. We then turn to our emotional side and being to "feed our feelings" which I'm guilty of from time to time, but taking a step back and looking at what you are craving will help. Is it caffeine, sugar, carbs...whatever it may be ask yourself what your craving is really calling for? Feeling empty from an argument you had? Need to hear or say and apology? Are you missing sleep? Are you stressed or need love? Getting out in nature is essential for our health and well being. While it isn't necessarily an end all-be all, it does help crowd out cravings.

4. 10-4. You know life is better when we get outside, even if it's only for a 10 minutes. Personally, I don't like the gym, but I do like going for hikes. Don't want to go outside? Grab your favorite yoga dvd and do some stretches. Like moving to tunes better? Why not treat yourself with Sara Simmons

I can't wait to share the songs with you.

5. Nourishing. What feeds you? Like what puts that spring in your step and puts that sparkle in your eye? For me it's one of my best friends. They are always with me, even when we aren't together. Find things that fill your soul not your stomach. Think back to what made you smile during the week. Was it a pet, a person, a walk in nature or time with your heavenly Father? Being able to draw on these happy moments will help fuel us when we get stuck with the negative nelly's who can empty our tank. It's important to refuel with moments that make your soul smile.

6. Compassion. This one can be hard for me. I am compassionate about what I understand, and what I don't understand, I want to fix. I see the problem, assess it and can draw a clear solution before attacking the issue. However, that doesn't work for everyone, especially people who are complacent. Suffering is something we all go through. I often think of Christ on the cross and the suffering he endured that I will never feel thanks to his salvation, yet we all still face suffering in some form or another. The solution solver in me calls it out and floods whatever's going on with compassion. Compassion towards myself, and growing is part of...well, growth. Understand you will be uncomfortable while becoming comfortable with the new you. Sure you may have some scars or flaws along the way, but this building and developing your character is precious, and time well spent in investing in yourself and others around you.

The world is not always perfect, neither are the people who you share your life with.

Give yourself grace to grow and the space others may need to watch and play catchup. Live your life by example, be a great leader and others will follow.

What have you done to nourish yourself today?

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