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What's Your Favorite Get Away?

The last few years have caused me to pause and reflect, sound familiar? So while the iron was hot and there was wiggle room on the calendar I decided to make a mad dash home for a few days to reflect, reinvent and renew.

The 18 hour, 1,208k mile trip gives me plenty of time to debate with myself if I will make in one day or stop somewhere to rest. So, I set my alarm for 3:00 am, but being the overachiever that I am, woke up before the alarm went off, (this isn't always a good thing) put on my most comfy road trip clothes and hit the road. Stopping for gas and breaks for Sophie (dog) I managed to pull into Wyoming at 10:00pm that night.

That night Sophie and I slept like logs.

After a good nights sleep, my mom, Sophie and I drove to the mountains for some much needed mountain therapy. The Aspens were calling, the river was flowing and the clean mountain air was refreshing. I hope you enjoy the pictures and feel the magic. Feel free to comment or share your favorite place to recharge.

Aspen alley in RMNP

Got Elk :-) He's there, I promise.

Feel the forest.

What resources do you plan to use when recharging, renewing and reinventing yourself? Share below.


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