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Easter Deals

As the years go by I begin to understand tradition on a deeper level. There are certain things I will always long for when holidays arise. My family, the chance to hug my loved ones once more oh so tight, my Grandma, my dog Molly. While the days weren't always perfect, I can find the perfect memory every time. I am grateful my Mom is still with us as she battles crohns and several other auto immune issues. Feel free to add her on your prayer list.

Over the Easter weekend I had the privlidge of meeting some new folks. I realize this, there will never be an over abundance of kind souls. These days I find kind souls to be rare and something you have to search for, and yet, every so often the Lord just brings someone into your day that you instantly connect with, and even knowing them for only a few minutes you know your life has been changed by the better because of them. I love those momements!

We made one of my favorite songs, "Break Bread" available as a free digital download on the FREEBIES page over the Easter weekend. I hope you took advantage of this offer and enjoyed the music as much as I do and were able to share it with friends and family. If you missed out, you can always head to the Sara Simmons Store for the complete "Oh I Need You" cd/album.

In this ever changing world there is someone we can always turn to that never changes. The good news for today, this week and forever is that in three days everybody found out that you can't keep a good man down. That's the best deal I've heard so far.


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