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Sara Simmons Secret Sauce. The Recipe You can Trust

Do you miss the days when country music was magic?

When turning on the radio meant there was no risk of hearing something that made you want to take flight and decamp.

Whether you stumble on Sara Simmons music by accident, or on purpose you suddenly feel an unconditional attachment to the singer and the emotion of her lyrics. Because she believes every note, because the words can move you to tears, you are instantly drawn into a world you thought was lost, yet feel as reassured as the pies your Grandma used to make on Sunday sitting on the kitchen table. She gets it, and you should to

In today’s society where social gatherings are frowned upon, filling your life with joy and engaging in the “Oh I Need You”cd, or watching Sara Simmons Online Experience is as authentic and consistent as the sunrise. Here you’re apart of the community and can engage with other fans ranging from next door to across the world. Sara provides you with more than just a great concert filled with your favorite songs, it’s more like you’re being rewarded for simply enjoying what you love.

If you want great memories say YES to great music!

The fun, light heartedness about Sara Simmons Online Experience is like a “try before you buy” you don’t have to be a member, it’s open to the public, as well as posted to her website within the next 24 hours providing fans instant access to their favorite memories. Because it’s open to the public, guests, regulars, fans…you get the picture, all are encouraged to partner, give or donate by going to the singers PayPal or Venmo links. During this social shutdown this is how the singer is able to pay for the studio, the band, etc. And while the utmost bargain hunter might be offended or gasp that they need to pay for entertainment, you’ll see that fans and businesses who have partnered with Sara Simmons have their requests played and advertisements or special events are shared throughout each show several times ensuring you get your money’s worth.

Sara Simmons personality is kind, sassy and compassionate. Hands down, she is hard not to like! The website is easy, and for this reason you tend to find yourself soaking up great offers, bargain’s (because who doesn’t love a good bargain) and craving to be the first to hear about the most current news.

Want more? Book Sara Simmons for a private house concert thats covid convenient. Get your limited edition Sara Simmons t-shirt, and while supplies last, get the best selling Oh I Need You cd. Authentically verified by Sara Simmons Fans at


The Joy Of the Lord Is My Strength


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